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Park Row Marketing

Park Row Marketing

Park Row Marketing is a results focused sales and marketing agency that love to grow sustainable businesses. They are on a mission to slash the footprint of whole industries by providing customers with greener alternatives.

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Moving away from an ineffective template

Initially Park Row had opted for a DIY website builder when they started trading. While inexpensive, it meant their website made sacrifices in key areas like technical SEO, integrations and other functionality. Given the changes and growth in the business it was time for a more capable solution.

"Appeal have proven to be an outstanding partner in helping us take our digital and online presence to the next level as the business has grown."

Owen Wood - Managing Director, Park Row Marketing


Powerful under the hood

Using the WordPress CMS provided a far greater level of functionality and integration with the other tools and systems they were using in the business. It also meant that we were able to take a more forensic approach with technical SEO to ensure that the new site was better positioned in Google search results.


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Brand reflection

Working closely with the team at Park Row Marketing meant that we were able to dig deep into brand personality and capture what Park Row should look like and how they should communicate. We worked to ensure that their website was a great reflection of their brand personality, and how they wanted to be perceived.

The result

A unique and bespoke WordPress website that connects with all of their key marketing activity and enabled a more effective and capable top of funnel strategy.


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