Membership web app for Franchise recruitment

Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the fastest growing premium franchise in UK history. They provide training and support to deliver a lifelong income through a specialised buy-to-let property portfolio. Becoming a Platinum Partner requires available capital of between £300,000 to £500,000 and a mindset for success. This criteria and the nature of their business model means that recruiting new franchise partners is a careful process of education, discovery and due diligence.

All about the journey

As a premium franchise, Platinum has a laser focus on excellence at all stages of the customer journey. The challenge was to focus in on the joining process, to deliver a system that would allow for greater communication and transfer of information between the prospect and the franchise partner recruitment team that would facilitate greater understanding, knowledge and efficiency.

“We’re always looking for innovative new ways to communicate what is a very sophisticated investment opportunity, and this has ticked all the boxes. It has exceeded our expectations and integrated seamlessly into our existing processes and workflow.”

Tina Flower- Head of Sales & Marketing, Platinum


Membership based web application

The solution was a membership platform for prospective partners that provided a checklist of tasks to complete as part of the due diligence process. It formed a hub of content, knowledge, resources, communication and tools to help the process of becoming a partner simpler, faster and easier for all stakeholders.

360 degree visibility

The system contained analytics that integrated with the company CRM, Infusionsoft, meaning that the recruitment team had up-to-date real time information on questions, challenges and engagement around the prospect and their status through the process.

The result

Greater visibility and efficiency for both prospective franchise partners and the partner recruitment team alike. This was all brought together in a membership platform that combined effective design, automation and integration into the rest of the business processes.