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WordPress with Nexudus portal for co-working space

The Landmark PR

The Landmark PR is a newest coworking space, thoughtfully designed to provide members with a best-in-class workplace experience. They offer flexible private office suites, meeting rooms and premium coworking spaces centrally located in San Juan’s vibrant neighborhood of Miramar, Puerto Rico.


The Landmark PR is a brand new work space wanting to use the Nexudus coworking membership platform while having a website that would give them the ability for search- ranking and flexibility to showcase their brand.


BRAVOOOOO!!!! The website looks GREAT!!!

Thank you for all of your efforts. We keep on having people tell us how nice our website is.

Olga J. Muñoz, AIA- Founder + CEO


Brand New Brand

What we loved the most about The Landmark PR is the art deco characteristics of the building.

Wanting to be sympathetic to the design of the building, we took elements of the work space and developed a modernised website design.

Grow with the business

Flexible so the website can grow as the workspace grows…

The website is built with bespoke designed and developed WordPress modular blocks that can be used in any order they please.

Also, if in the future the business wants to add another element to the website, they only need to have another block built instead of amending every template that element would be featured on.

Nexudus membership platform

Nexudus is a coworking membership platform that allows coworking spaces to offer multi level memberships, book meeting rooms, event tickets, and take monthly/ongoing payments.

Since the platform comes with box standard styling, we then re-skinned the face of the platform to match their brand. Helping to provide a seamless experience between website to platform for the user.

Along with the re-skin, we provided consultation to ensure that their Nexudus platform was completely synced with their systems so it worked for their business.


The outcome for  The Landmark PR is a solution that showcases them as a premier office suite in the area and a system that is ready to take on memberships and room bookings.


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