We build apps and websites that solve problems and transform processes.


Hello. We are Appeal Digital.

We are an award winning digital strategy and development agency based in Bristol.

Since 2011, we’ve helped businesses develop apps and websites that solve problems and make life easier. Whatever the goal, we have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs and marketing teams deliver.



Where we help businesses

We help ambitious entrepreneurs and companies grow by embracing change. This is what drives us.

Over the years we’ve developed many applications, websites and web services. Some of the objectives and problems we’ve solved for our clients include:

Our belief is, when you succeed, we succeed

We are not a big, bulky digital agency carrying a weight that is excess.

Appeal Digital is a streamlined and efficient agency with a love of technology and digital marketing. There are no allegiances to specific technologies or ways of working, we just do what’s right for you.

If you wish to work with a team that is streamlined, responsive, ambitious and is today, contact Appeal Digital.


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