A new digital presence for the UK’s original Paraplanners membership network.

The Paraplanners’ Assembly held it’s first informal gathering in 2013, where Paraplanners could listen, learn, and share ideas, experiences and insights. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest not-for-profit communities of Paraplanners in the UK, with an ever expanding library of free resources.

To launch their new brand and grow their community, they needed to simplify their user journey and showcase the person-to-person experience that they offer.

Paraplanners Assembly


With nearly a decade of hosting events and offering resources, it was apparent that a major draw to the website was to design an easy to use filtering resource library.

For the Paraplanners’ Assembly to have an efficient and simplified user experience, it required building a bridge between their future events and their library of valuable resources. As events past, they become resources which can be easily found by their members continuing their professional development.

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web site design

There were also questions about number of platforms that they were using to house and host all of their events.

With videos, events and other CPD resources hosted on Crowdcast and Eventbrite, their previous experience was confusing and required multiple logins to access or sign up to their events. Given it’s wide adoption and ease of integration, WordPress was a logical choice for the Paraplanners’ Assembly to bring all of this content together under one roof.

Paraplanners Assembly


Using WordPress, we reimagined the site functionality and structure, incorporating the new branding and design language. The image lead design allowed the Paraplanners’ Assembly to showcase the new brand and the people powering the community.

The new Resource Library migrated all of the content from multiple places into one central location with easy search features, making it more relevant and useful for new and existing members. Prior to the new site, the members of Paraplanners’ Assembly had to leave the website and login to register for events. By integrating Crowdcast and Eventbrite into the website, the friction of signing up to events was reduced significantly with an increase in sign up conversion rates.

“The Paraplanners’ Assembly is close to my heart. I’m one of its founders. Originally intended as a one-off gathering of 66 paraplanners in teepees in 2013, today, it’s a movement of more than 3,000 people. It’s grown because the Assembly belongs to paraplanners. And because of that, making a big change to the way its website works demanded real care and consideration. Appeal proved to be a great partner for this project. We’re so happy with the platform that our new site will give us. And how it can help Paraplanners gather to learn, fix and share in new ways in future.”

Ian Thomas

Co-Founder, Paraplanners’ Assembly

Paraplanners Assembly