Moving Lintels online with a new WooCommerce website.

UK Lintels are the UK’s largest single site stockists of lintels and lintel accessories. They were looking to take advantage of their status by developing an ecommerce website that would enable them to move online.

UK Lintels


AL Lintels were already using PPC to great success and were generating a steady flow of enquiries through an outdated website, so it was clear that the demand was there to be captured for lintel orders online.

The challenge was that lintels are a complex product with multiple attributes. The customer needs to select a cavity size, load bearing as well as the length of the lintel and this information needed to be clear and concise in its presentation.

UK Lintels ecommerce responsive website, website development agency bristol
UK Lintels ecommerce responsive website, website development agency bristol


Working closely with Managing Director, Grant, we designed an intuitive product page that enabled customers the ability to logically select the product type, cavity size and then input their own custom length.

UK Lintels ecommerce bespoke website, configurator sales tool, wordpress development agency bristol

A huge amount of bespoke web development was applied to WooCommerce to deliver a site that provided the flexibility for customers and a competitive edge for AL Lintels.

“Appeal have been fantastic to deal with in every way. Their ability to simplify the user journey for the most complicated product or service is impressive. Their knowledge is industry leading and the people are a pleasure to deal with. They took our old website, transformed it in to one of the best in our field and increased our sales dramatically.”

Grant Morris

Managing Director – UK Lintels

Grant Morris, Managing Director - UK Lintels


With continued investment and a strategy for continuous improvement, the website has seen consistent month over month growth and is now climbing up the search rankings for key terms and phrases.

UK Lintels

The website has defied expectations in terms of initial sales and performance and has become a primary source of revenue for the business with the lionshare of the company’s sales now taking place online.