Ecommerce design and development in Bristol.

Our ecommerce website design and development agency in Bristol takes your online shop to the next level by designing a customer journey and checkout experience that converts. 

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Succeed online with Appeal

Whether you’re selling products, services or a combination of both, we use platforms such as WooCommerce to make your website a successful online selling tool. Following a tried and tested methodology for success, we will help you to plan, design and launch an ecommerce website that saves you time while generating more revenue. 

Underpinned by our in-house technical expertise, platform knowledge and design dexterity, our tailored approach tackles even the most complex challenges. 

Challenges we help to solve

Reduce fulfilment admin

Increase your sales and increase the efficiency of your operations by integrating the right tools for your operations team to fulfil more orders, faster.

Integrating business systems

Save time and streamline operations by integrating business systems with your WooCommerce website. Using a range of off-the-shelf extensions and the public APIs, we can help your increase efficiency. Check out this example, where we integrated WooCommerce and Business Central.

Increasing conversion rates

When working with clients, we’ll work to reduce the friction points in your sale and checkout process. We’ve even developed our own boilerplate checkout for WooCommerce that helps customers to checkout faster, integrating postcode lookup and delivery timescales.

Growing search visibility

It starts with an in-depth strategy session where we work to understand your customers and existing sales data. We use this to build strategies to increase search visibility for key terms and phrases that ultimately lead to sales.

Enhancing customer experience

Whether it’s site speed or time to checkout, we’ll work to continually optimise, tweak and improve the site to drive more revenue and profit to your bottom line.

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Why WooCommerce works

Design reengineered

We’ll custom-build a beautifully designed ecommerce website around what your customer needs to know about your products and services, increasing conversion rates and reducing purchase pain points.

Buyer experience

By making purchasing calls to action easier to see and checkouts faster to complete for customers, we’ll help you deliver a positive buyer experience all-round that has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Open source

Being open source means that your website is open to a marketplace full of extensions, but more importantly, you retain complete control and aren’t tied to any agencies or ongoing licence fees.

Automated admin

Reduce the time it takes your team to fulfil orders by automating much of the data collection, admin and reporting as well as improving accuracy and analytics.

Intuitive integrations

With an infinite about of plugins available and our ecommerce experts in Bristol on-hand to configure these to your business needs, you will have an online store that works with the right tools and systems, from your CRM to your accounts platform.

Search visibility

Being a WordPress platform, your ecommerce website will benefit from high search engine ranking with the right SEO strategy behind it, which is critical to increasing volumes of traffic which we then help to convert at checkout.

Our recent WooCommerce projects

Take a look at some of our recent WooCommerce website projects.

Umbraco migration

266% year over year sales growth after Umbraco migration.

Umbraco migration woocommerce website, knotistry flooring company

WooCommerce website

Consistent organic sales growth achieved with Clifton Coffee Roasters.

WooCommerce website, wordpress website, ecommerce, clifton coffee roasters

WooCommerce website

Realising ecommerce potential for Lintels supplier.

UK Lintel ecommerce website, woocommerce, wordpress, construction

WooCommerce website

WooCommerce and Microsoft Business Central integration

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Evaluating ecommerce websites

Do you want more orders, repeat orders, organic leads or a higher order value – or all of the above?

We combine a tried and tested strategic approach with commercial experience to help you rationalise the investment needed to meet your ecommerce goals, whatever they are. Using hypothetical but conservative calculations, we give you specific examples of how we will design and build your WooCommerce site to target marginal gains that will have the maximum impact over a year. 

Regardless of your sector, product or service, our WooCommerce website developers in Bristol will help you succeed online.  

“WOW, what a start. We’ve just completed our first full month of trading with the new website and we owe Appeal a huge thank you with the results. Your ability to make our complicated range of products and shipping rules concise and clear for the users is now paying dividends.”

Grant Morris

Managing Director,

Grant Morris, Managing Director - UK Lintels