Backing up on World Backup Day

World Backup Day
Every year on the 31st March is World Backup Day. Take this as a reminder for a good chance to back up all of those important files, photos, and dog gifs that are hanging around on your computer.

Backing up your computer can seem like an arduous task but it’s incredibly important. Backing your system up can save you from your computer crashing, a dodgy software update, or even theft.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, so here are our tips to make it an easy ride:

1. Keep your backup in a separate place

The most important thing is that you’re storing your backup in a separate place to your main system. You wouldn’t keep your spare car key in your glovebox, and it’s the same principle for backups.

2. Automatically backup your files

If you’re looking for an easy way to back up your system, Backblaze is the way to go. For $5 a month, Backblaze automatically backs up all of your files in their cloud system without you having to put in any effort. Easy!

3. Utilise inbuilt backup systems

If you’re a Mac user, Apple has an inbuilt system called Time Machine. Simply plug-in your external harddrive, switch Time Machine on and you’re good to go.

4. Don’t forget your devices

Most devices will do automatic backups, but it’s always good to check that your phone, tablet, etc are all up to date. This makes transferring to a new device so much easier if your latest backup is recent!

The best thing to do is schedule a back up every month, or even every week if you use your systems a lot. So take 10 minutes out of your day to make sure all your documents are safe and sound, there’s no excuse!

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